Pega Robotic Automation Studio, Runtime, and Agile Desktop Help - versions 8.0 and 8.0 SP1

This Help system includes reference information and examples for Pega Robotic Automation Studio and Runtime users. The following links provide a quick way to view information on the core functional areas of Pega Robotic Automation. Use the table of contents, index, or search functions to find specific topics on using Studio, Runtime, and Agile Desktop.

You can also use the Pega Community  to find additional information resources,such as build and release notes, installation guides, user and implementation guides, and information on Pega Academy offerings.

Note:  For information related to the Microsoft Visual Studio framework, refer to the Microsoft MSDN website.



 Studio Development Environment

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating, building, and testing Runtime projects.

Solutions and Project Items

Studio provides a set of custom project items designed specifically for application integration, workflow automation, and event monitoring.

Integrating Applications

Adapter project items provide integration with enterprise applications for creating automated workflows and event monitoring.

Automating Application Workflow Tasks

Automation project items provide visual design surface for creating automated application tasks and application event reporting.

Specialty Components and Controls

Provides a suite of specialty components for use in workflow automaton and application event monitoring projects.

Building and Debugging Projects Project Deployment  
Project References

The design environment contains functions for configuring and building deployable Runtime projects as well as Studio project assemblies to use with non-Studio .NET projects.

Testing and Debugging Projects
Unit Testing

Provides comprehensive set of testing and debugging functions for use with Studio projects. In addition, you can configure both Studio and Runtime application to publish detailed diagnostic messages.